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When sinners keep singing a sinister song

When sinners keep singing a sinister song
It’s hard to resist the temptation -
To turn upside down the right to the wrong,
Good virtues to soul stagnation.

Then pray for forgiveness of petty misdeeds
Concealing inside something harder,
You sigh just impatiently counting beads
Then rush off the spot to new ardor.

For you it’s a game. Being ready to chime
In this very dangerous choir
You think it’s a happier, easier climb
And seem to get through your desire.

Alas! All’s in vain. You’re more and more stuck
In seemingly better solution:
The longer you sin trying worst and best luck,
The harder you seek absolution.

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От Bukoviner
Listen, dude: You are fatally stuck,
I propose you a fresher solution:
Don't consider it sin, and perform like a buck,
and forget that there are absolutions.

(Just fooling around, of course.)
Cheers, L.
15/02/2009 22:08
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