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He was yearning for her...

He was yearning for her,
She was yawning ‘good bye’,
He just hoped to be paid attention,
He just hoped her words were misheard,
But he smiled to conceal his intention.

He was longing for her,
It was morning again,
He was standing in humble awaiting,
And his feelings were fatally hurt,
But he kept all his lonely dating.

He was dying to see
Her, it wasn’t a sin,
One last time and he’d be more than happy,
She was living to seem
Inaccessible, still,
And he went like a fragment of scrapping.

Читатели (543) Добавить отзыв
very beautiful, I'm impressed, Especially with the ending...
15/12/2007 13:31
Well, I was doing my best.
Isn't the ending a little sad?
Some girls are too haughty, you know :)

I am pleased to get your remark,
will be glad to see you again
at my "poet's corner" on the site!
18/12/2007 17:52
Oh no the ending isn't sad, it's our reality at all.
of course You'll see me at your "corner", your poems are very interesting for me so I'll be back ;)
24/12/2007 13:45
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