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Kerry (cycle of 6 poems in English)

Автор оригинала:
Mark Edelman
1. Kerry

She knows what is right and what is wrong;
And she is definitely beautiful;
And she may take your heart
If she knows, that you are the right man.

She knows that the world is big,
And that there is plenty of space
For those who are looking for love
Or for freedom (from love?).

And yet, she can be extremely upset,
When the world is not perfectly set,
When she thinks of a homeless cat,
Or of somebody being unjust.

And she moves ahead and ahead
For a stop is an unthinkable loss,
For a night without parole
Should never come across.

So, that at the end of life,
That she thinks of as a sparkling play,
She will be able to sigh -
It was the only way.

2. Zoo

There was a dog;
God only knows
How much I miss
Its wet cold nose.

There was a cat,
That was always hissing,
And the dog only knows
How much it is missing.

There is a woman,
That I never missed,
There is a woman,
That I used to kiss.

When we met, her hands
Were wet and cold;
She was young and sad,
And I was not old.

The dog was upset,
The cat was hiding,
But another cat
Would never mind it.

And between walls
And a floor and a ceiling
The world was full
Of life and feeling.

3. Wonderful - terrible

What a wonderful person you are;
When walking, and talking,
And making love
(Being in love).

What a terrible person you are;
When cranky, and cursing,
And waking me up at night
(Being angry).

But with all my fear
Of losing your love,
That I’ve already lost;
What a wonderful feeling,
That hope of being
In love,
Which keeps me alive
In spite of a terrible pain.

4. Holes

There are holes
In my soul
In the space
That used to be occupied by you.
But the time is passing
And the life is pressing.

Could we be again
As a whole?
Come to see me,
Or invite – I’ll go.
Who are you today? -
Not a lover, not a foe.

There will be new loves,
And I will be busy,
But with those holes
It will never be easy –
On the thin ice of emotions
I will always walk with caution.

In the night screams
Of love and fears
New holes will burn,
But I will always hear
Your whisper, your weeping –
You dear.

5. When you’ll come back

When you’ll come back,
There will be four seasons in one day,
There will be three animals in one room,
There will be two persons in the whole world
When you’ll come back.

When you’ll come back,
There will be crisp snow four feet high,
There will be black sand silky and hot,
There will be red leaves and lilacs blooming
When you’ll come back.

When you’ll come back,
I will recognize your light steps,
I will jump as an animal, I will bark, I will dance,
I will never die
When you’ll come back.

When you’ll come back,
The world will become calm and simple,
The night will be full of stars,
The day will be painted in bright blue
When you’ll come back.

When you’ll come back…
But, when will you come back?
Will you ever come back?

6. Au Revoir

Oh, how I remember every moment
Of being together,
And impossibility of saying
Goodbye "Au Revoir",
And the frozen moment of departure.

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