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Maura F. cycle (5 poems in English)

Автор оригинала:
Mark Edelman
1. Singing in a bar

I sing in a bar,
In smoke and dark
A frivolous song
For a crowd drunk.

The air is crisp,
And it cracks my voice,
But the beer is strong,
And it is my choice.

And I see a life
That apart is rapt:
You raise a sheet,
And it is crap.

But the beer is strong,
And I will dance,
And if you are lucky,
You'll catch your chance.

But the crowd is drunk,
And the smoke is strong,
And the beer is dark,
And the sober is wrong.

And this is my life.
And this is my life.

But I am playing in a glow,
In a light that comes through a wall of rain,
In a trembling sound of a train,
In a smooth and vivid river flow.
And it will never go away -
I will be crying in a cradle;
For heaven's sake, I'll never grow.

2. I drink your health
(when M.F. didn't appear at her
new 2007 year eve concert)

Listen, I am deeply touched by the fact,
That the world is round.
So, wherever I go, I have a chance
To meet you there.
And if you are here, and I a can feel you,
I know that I am still alive.
So, I drink your health.

3. Probably a joke

Let's don't lose the common ground:
Will I always be around?
Probably not,
Probably not.

But what we need to get together?
A little down and a bit of feathers?
Probably not,
Probably not.

But look at me I'm on my (at your) knees.
I need to talk, I need to breathe;
Probably, probably, probably, probably -
A kiss.

4. Singer

Your image in the corner of site,
I don't have to watch to see -
Simply the air is filled with your features.

Modulations of the sound are carrying your reflections.
I can't get rid of the voice that fills the space,
And of feelings that escape a definition.

5. Words

You would always talk
To somebody else,
As if I was a small creature,
Presumably an elf.
But all my power is in words -
In their order, in their sound and play,
In their speed and silence, in their pause.
But without talking there is no sense
To put fingers trying to find pulse:
There is no sound -
There is death.

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