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Sveta (in English)

Автор оригинала:
Mark Edelman
I will never come back - you knew
It would happen,
But what could you do?
I was careful and I was nice,
I was smoothie and I was spice.

You enjoyed it - you were bold,
Didn't you know, you'd never hold
Bursts and icicles of my lips,
A random schedule of my flips?

Turn around and look again -
I'm your destiny, I'm your pain.
I am a tear and I am a cry,
I am an essence and I am a lie.

You created your own dream
In a nightly and anxious stream,
I will wake you with morning light,
I have a power to make it bright.

But I wish you to stay alive,
And my name will always imply
Play of glow, a star track,
In the universe small speck.

I exist as long as I move,
To stay is silly - a killing groove.
In the Sun my eternal race
Look around for my trace.

Читатели (482) Добавить отзыв
От Bukoviner
It looks like english rhymed poetry exists these days either
in country songs(actually, some of them are quite good) or
in ESL stuff like yours or in catchy, energetic commercials
(kind of a realization of the Mayakovsky' dream).
What is your view on this trend/fact?

Best regards to you, my beloved NYC and Courant,
18/10/2008 03:00
От Pisquare
I'm not too anxious about rhymes, Buk.
When have you been to Courant?
19/10/2008 05:37
От Bukoviner
In the very begining...1990-1992,
the way I see it now, they were two best years
of my life.
Best, L.
19/10/2008 05:45
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