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On-line dating cycle (7 poems in English)

Автор оригинала:
Mark Edelman
1. Bred's dating profile

Who is Bred?
Bred is a breed.
Somehow read -
Enough to be sad.
A bit old -
Still can be sold.
And, between lines,
He would make alliances
With the people alike,
Whom he would like.
With those funny and odd,
Who have children or not,
Love music and the sun,
With drinkers and nuns,
With leaders and slaves,
Alive and in graves,
With hippies and ravers,
With total strangers.
Please be short or tall,
Better young or old.
No professionals, please,
Unless you don’t state this.

But the problem is time.
So, on the top of that,
He will be quite satisfied
With what he can find.
With stupid and smart,
With mucus and fart,
With a cancelled show,
With the last year snow.

2. Her name (to Inna)

So, then she disappeared
In Canadian dark forests,
In rapid streams of Indian rivers.
Where did she disappear?
In animal skin,
In sound and spleen,
In getting obscene,
In, In, In...
Why did she disappear?
It was not the right time,
It was not the right prose,
There was no right horse,
And the horn never sounded worse.
In the sky,
In notes of birds' cry,
In butterfly's swing,
In clouds, In strong winds,
In spinning of the Earth's axis
Her name interposes traces.

3. Reading a dating profile "Avemaria"
(a small commentary at the end)

Ave Maria,
The bells toll:
The Blessed Virgin,
Blond and tall.

The lucky person:
Slim, fit,
Is not seeking
On-line flirt.

Be from Havens -
All that mess
May happen once
In 2000 years.

In the lights of Broadway,
Brown and cold,
You must be honest
As a billiard ball.

Sexy and pure,
Sober and slim,
Register here - Ave "Maxim".

A tent was set in a pouring rain,
And it was leaking - many puddles, and stones
Underneath of mats,
Created a similar landscape
To her original, in Ireland,
And Scottish mountains inside.
But nobody was upset,
And it was warm and fun in mud.
We were happy even rolling over in a car
And down a mountain road.
We were saved -
We were in love.

4. Love Site

Computer set,
And the picture fit -
You wanted here,
So be quiet - sit.

And so, listen,
And I will talk;
Whatsoever I say -
You cannot mock.

You cannot blink,
You cannot breathe;
Whatsoever I say -
You will not freeze.

You will not tremble,
You will not cry,
Whatsoever I do -
You'll never die.

But I will cry,
And I will freeze,
And I will die
And never breathe.

And some may call it web-romance -
This empty urge for the only chance.

But I remember early days,
When the world was simple and the sky was blue,
And everybody who was there
Was breathing clean and cold air;
And it was unpretentious truth.
And there will be nothing better
Than love of unprotected youth.

5. Helen PhD

Dear Helen, PhD:
Aren't you happy on that land
With no man?
There are plenty of them around
But your choice has a real ground.

Cause a man is an evil creature -
It is prone to fight its rights
To the last of woman's tear;
Disobedience is its sin
On the coast of North Brunswick.

On the island of New Jersey
No man admits that women
Are the highest are the smartest,
Are the best in every aspect;
Not from Princeton, not from Rutgers.

Women are loved for their beauty
On that island of New Jersey;
They are loved for their passion,
For devotion, and for care
They provide to their men.

So, why are you still unhappy
When dissecting fury youngsters?
Just imagine how bad it is
When your soul is cut in pieces
For a plenty of stupid reasons:
For a hair in a bathtub,
For a bill unpaid in time?

I am saying and repeating
Things like this myself, oh Helen.
And I am having no answer;
But still, when feeling so singly,
I am asking what is better:
To die from loneliness or from love?

6. Looking for the best

Attractive, tall,
And looking for the best;
My rotten teeth
Will bite you in the ass.

My garlic breath
Won’t satisfy your taste,
My broken arm
Will not embrace your waist.

If admiration fills your whole life,
And if your legs are more dangerous than a rifle,
Then why do you spend you evenings in a chair,
And look for a prince, to come from nowhere?

Or poor girl,
Believe me, I am tall,
And taking shower,
I am cleaner than a hole;

My shiny eyes
Are shinier than the sun;
I will take care of you
As nobody have done.

You don’t believe me?
You are right and wrong...
Forget, it was a joke-
Not a song..

7. To Nat, who is hot

When the tea is hot,
And the Nat says “what?”,
Then the world is set
Even if the answer is “not”.

But when the Nat is hot
And there is no “What?”
This really makes me a nut
Even if I am still not.

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Эх!!!! жаль не знаю я других языков, кроме русского! :(((((((((
14/09/2007 08:13
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